Terrible "Green line" Is appearing On Some Iphone X Display.

Iphone X ! Apple's best Ever product with great features Face ID, Animoji, True depth camera and Most powerful A11 Bionic Chip which is capable of 600 Billion operation per seconds and empower the augment reality at new level is now getting Issue in display.
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Some Iphone X user meet unexpectedly with green line on their Iphone X Display. More than 68 Customers file Complaint on apple community and many user posted their Iphone X Display photos on twitter and start discussion.
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The user benvolio1979 at apple community start discussion said that " Day one and a bright green line has appeared down the right side of the Iphone X. Anyone else having this Issue ? The approx. 68 user said that they also have issue with their Iphone X OLED Display.

Last year same problem Occur in samsang s7. The phones get pink line at the edges of OLED Display of devices. Samsung said that they is some hardware issue and replaced all the consumers devices.
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But Don't worry apple is always helpful in such kinds of issue and apple is replacing the affected iphone free of charge according to consumer who contacted apple at apple support. If you are getting Same Issue then contact with apple support team via email, phone or mobile etc...