This House is built by 3D printer with in 24 hour.

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Image: Apis Cor

On earth, according to global survey of United nation there approx. 1.6 billion people are homeless. Out of which Half million are in USA , 1.77 million in india and 2.41 million in China.

For any person it is to costlier to buy or build house of it's own and it take month to completes. But Now This Apis Cor 3D printer will build your house with 24 hour in 10,000 $.

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This mobile 3d printer will build your adorable, eco-friendly and beautiful house with all facilities  with in a day. The house will long lasting for 175 years. 

This mobile 3d printer is invented by Russian engineer Nikita Chen-yun-tai. His dream to solve out problem of builting adorable home globally.

" Apis Cor cutting down traditional way of construction by 40 % " - Nikita

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This is compares all other is less costly. Because it does not generate any waste so amount of money will save in construction waste and dumping of that Waste.

It is easy to assemble with in 30 minutes and measures 16.4 ft by 5.1 ft and have 2.5 tons weight. It's can transfer without any using any expensive method of transport.

It required two people to operate and it can print upto 132 m area. And use only 8 kW energy is required to operating this machine.

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