Lee kang bin Create Art on Coffee, it's a "Coffee Art".

Lee kang bin is South Korean Barista who Recreate The Famous Arts Of Great Artists By miniature Imitation on coffee's top faomy layer.

Coffee art of Lee kang bin at his shop in south Korea.

He has his coffee "Cafe.C.Through" In Seoul, south Korea. He has created many art on including the famous art of Vincent van Gogh's " The starry night" , And Edward Munch's "The scream " . You can see both the art in above Image

He draw out these art by using Food color, spoon and smooth brushes. He start solding coffee at age of 17.

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He take 15 minutes to create any miniature art and Due this creamy art on coffee more and more costumer delighted toward his shop to drink coffee. His coffee became the centre of attraction for visitors.

He is also create many Coffee art on coffee such as pikachu, charijhard etc from pokémon TV show. He also create many Disney character on coffee.

He take 10,000 Wons ( 560 Rs. , 8.6 $ ) to per capita drink. He is popular Barista in whole world.

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