How to take screenshot in Windows , android, iphone or macbook?

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Screenshot is need for all. It's many times become necessary to capture the screen in image. For instance, when we have limited internet to download, but we want to downland any image that we can take screenshot instead of download. Hahah ! It's might need some time to take some important notes so let we know .

In windows XP, and basic windows edition , for screenshot You have printsrn key to shot screen and then You need to open paint like any software and ctrl + v to paste the screen shot and save it. That shit ! 

If you want take current window screenshot then press  Alt + printsrn and then paste it in paint and save it as we did above.
But In lastest versions of Windows like windows 7 , vista , window's 8 and 10 etc all that have all feature that we explain above and additional of that they have one new features of " snipping tool ".  You can find it by search in window's search box.

Now for Macbooks to take entire screen shot press shift + command + 3 , your screenshot file will be automatically saved on desktop.

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And if you want to take a screenshot of certain area then press shift + command + 4 and drag and drop cursor for select area to take screenshot.

For Android and iPhone it is different for different models but there are several ways like Press volume button + Home button , Upper volume button and power key, or Home and volume etc  simultaneously.

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