The Marvellous technique to teach your baby to use potty with in 3 days.

Undoubtedly, all the parents like to seen the delights on their babies face. They love to observe their baby. Babies are the central point of fun in our familys. In the stages, one is transition of baby from daipers to potty. so Let's Explore them...
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●It is recommended that used the daiper still, when baby start learning of use of potty.
● Set out the several portable potty in all the rooms.
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● Keep baby naked from waist in house and Wear soft pants outside the home.
●At first day you need to observe baby, when it need to go, take him/her to nearest potty.
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●Baby learn easily from Illustration so take them in potty and how to do Adult illustrate them.
● Give the salty or watery food so the baby got pee often.
 Celebrate, when they manage it right way.
After 8-10 times they will do it independently.
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●Never scold them instead of them empower then to do it. Because due it they got ashamed and lost their confidence.
● Remind all the process of first day on second day.
● On second day do one thing addition that is take your baby to outside for an hour and wait for baby pee. This will teach him/her the lesson that do pee before going outside. Do pee in toilet.
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● At third day, go outside an hour in morning and an hour in evening and revise the process again and again.
● All babies are not same so keep patient, Help baby, it will take some time to learn some thing.
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