16 Signs that says you are genius (scientific research)

When you see yourself, you think how I be a genius ? I never got good marks in Exam. So let first we will remove your confusion about genius. Genius not that who got 100 marks in Exam. It is who have these sign and extraordinary intellectual ability and creativity with different aspects so..
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The Normal man can also become intelligent after lots of reading but He can become genius...
For Ex : I say split out 13 then Intelligent will say 6.5, that's solve. .but Genius think different aspects like 1 and 3 or XIII = XI and I I etc..that called creative thinking.
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That sighs are :
  • Sleep late (insomnia) : Genius sleep late because his mind is hungry of knowledge. So genius try to read more and ore and want to do some thing new in world, and that thing not made him to sleep.
  • Many scientists have insomnia,you can check history for that; Nicolas tesla sleeps only 3 hrs, lenordo da vinci sleeps only 2 hrs.
  • Apj kalam says "Dream that seen by open eyes never made you to sleep."
  • Imagine : Genius Always imagine too much, most of genius are great artists. 
  • Laziness : it's a fact because in comparison to other there mind consume much Energy..
  • Due to this laziness , they try to find easy way to do any thing ; by these genius only we have these laptop , mobile, made remote for tv etc..
  • I don't call you that you become lazy, but I call you that is researchers found.
  • They are more Addictive about any thing they want to do ...
  • They are less social , and there mindset is Totally different. it is found in many reports. 
  • They urge to travel and exploring some new and they observe everything differently . .

  • Talking with yourself is major property found in geniuses. 
  • Blue eyes , and nail sigh have white cap both are the best sigh of genius.
  • And there are only 8% people in 700 cr. people who have blue eyes.
  • In East countries, people have the nail sign with white cap is much .
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