How to stay safe on Internet some tips and tricks..

In this modern era, the craze of Internet goes on at peak. The security is important for all the people. You may be aware about the facts that per day Millions of hacker try to stolen the bank account. But In reality, due to your silly Mistakes these all the things are happenings . .so 
Let's Explore some tips to safe yourself on internet with Arightguide..

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  • Choose the strong password, The common password that most of people choose is 123456, if you have this password Then you will no longer remain safe.
  • To make strong you require to use at 2-3 numbers, use symbols like @#$%÷× etc... Also use Upper and lower case mixture like aRiGHtguide ...
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  • Make Different passwords for all accounts. The best option is use step-authentication security.
  • Always Use trusted or certified sites to download any thing, because uncertified site may be have download other virus in your device with that App or files.
  • Be Aware about phishing attack, in this attack the Hackers try to collect your details by giving surprise offer emails and say fill the Form before it. You may many time see the emails that you won the lottery or you will get millions of dollars by filling this form etc. .
  • Before Download the pdf. or doc. etc check out the extension. If you find that pdf have .exe extension then never download it. Because it's a virus.It will destroy whole data..
  • Always read all terms before accept it. Like at time of installing an app or software..
  • Use Anti-virus in your computer to get ready to fight with virus .
  • Make at least three Email account so you can differ you personal, professional or public..
  • Never fill your details in Facebook because this helps much to hacker .Now you have question How? You know that when you lost your bank password you have security question to answer and get new password to access it like what's your nickname? , which school you first read? below careful..
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