How to remove any kind of stains from clothes all tips for moms

You all know that stain make our too much money destroy and made increment in the waste material. Mothers are to much frustrated about washing the stain from clothes. It's a serious problem for all Moms.
Am I right ? ..No problem so 
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There are many kind of stain that we get on our clothes by many ways in our daily so...
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  • If you get the stain by Ink then you should wash that cloth by Milk.
  • Many times, we get our girlfriend or mother lipstick stain on our cloth by any way then you should wash it by dish soap.
  • Some times, When you are playing at grass you get the grass stain on clothes, for remove that stain wash it by vinegar.
  • When you get wound, the blood stain spread there Kingdom  on clothes, is it ? then wash it by Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Grease stain can removed by soda. so Use the soda for remove stain.
  • Oil stain that babies or child's got easily on their clothes so for remove that stain  use white chalk.
  • Coffee / tea stain are the stain that are gotten by grandpa or Papa much while reading newspaper so for use the Baking soda.
  • Make-up stain can we removed easily by one using shaving cream.
  • And the last stain that I am talking about is sweat stain or odour can we removed by lemon juice.
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