Baby start walking after birth. ( 68M Veiws and 1.5M Share ) going viral.

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It's not a miracle.... Let's Explore the reason behind it. The video of baby walking after birth is going on viral...

The video is of 41 second; Have over 68 M views on Facebook and approx. 335,000 reaction with comments and 1.7 M share and over 1M views on reddit with comments.
The video is posted by Arlete arantes from Brazil on Facebook on 26 may At 1:22 Pm .

Let's Explore cause behind the video...
According to Rochester medical centre and many others . It is stepping reflex is also called dance or walking reflex.
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All the babies have these reflex so When the sole of foot touches the flat surface they attempt to walk placing one foot in front of another. This reflex is last until two month to keep baby develop properly..

No one think about this way, It is need to deterred about such science on internet. But people start joking in comment
One redditor say " His legs might be to much strong ".
gotta, someone draw out his legs to length in 9 months." one comment.
"one say : He is Usian bolt, athletes". or sport boy...many more..

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