Octopus and squids are able to change their own genes, How it..

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Many of You Don't know Cephalopods coleoid, no problem But you may seen them in many viral videos or Discovery and National geography channels. They include
Octopus which can open up the jar by inside, squids which communicate by changing the colors , cuttlefish, bobtail squids etc. These are the smartest invertebrates who can edit their own genes.
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In the Reports of cell journal Researcher said that "squids and cuttlefish do not follow the instructions of their own DNA as like other mortals ,Instead of that they made the swap or we say RNA editing."
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So Let's explore why it is so happen..
RNA take information from DNA to protein builders in a cell in all organisms but in Celeoid the change in information occur. Enzymes swap out certain nucleotides of RNA that you may study in you student life A , U , G and C and produce such a protein that never encoded in DNA.
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Scientists know that their RNA editing but that happens in all organisms but how the Octopus and squids use this technique ?
So for that Tel aviv university studied them find that in human being in 20,000 genes their are only few dozens of RNA active sites but in squids or octopus out of 20,000 genes more then 11,000 RNA editing active sites Caught....that the reason.
When RNA editing occur , DNA mutation doesn't takes place Because dna does encoded those proteins .
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