Check your health within one minute,a very simple way..

Health is very important part in our life. Many of us going to doctor for that but today Arightguide told you the way by which you will not require to leaving home.
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■Take the spoon and put in mouth and scrape it and wetting it by saliva as much possible as you can..

■ Then put this spoon in transparent plastic bag , and take it in sunlight or under the lamp...
■ Just wait for 1 Minute then after it ,pick     out the spoon, if the spoon is and have no odour you are healthy...

But if there are stain on spoon 
●stain of orange color - kidney disease 
●purple stain that mean lung disease , problem in blood circulation,cholesterol increment . .

●if white or yellow - any thyroid problem..
Or respiratory disease..
And if you find odour 
●strong Decayed stain - stomach or lungs disease . .
●if the odour is sweet then it may diabetes and you need to go to doctor to check you diabetes level...
This is the traditional way so don't replace the doctor consultation with this ...
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