9 troublesome sign that say you to take break for rest.

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Today we will discuss about the sign of too much stressed that say you to take break for rest on Arightguide , because all the people not aware about it at right time and get the diseases that are too dangerous like depression, migrane etc.
So now Let's explore ..

1. Effect on Weight 

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Majority of people commonly get increment in weight..but Minority of people start getting fluctuating weight , some people start losing weight or some people start gaining weight...
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2. Do not get hungry 
When the person is in much stress , he even not get hungry and is in tension ..


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Stress is due to anxiety , chronic tension and that's why the head get to much pressure and pain in nerves get started ..
And too much stress cause the migrane.

4.Get angry frequently

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5.Chest pain 

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Stress cause tension and tension cause the
Stress or anxiety . The brain is controlling whole body and due to stress the brain get ache  (pain) and this affect whole body . .


The person getting bored , tired ,fatigue due to stress because it consump to much energy of body in anxiety , tension , stress etc .
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7.frequent colds 

When some one getting in stress again and again ..so some of them also get frequent colds or cough ...

8.Loss of sex drive 

For Both men and women , who desire to engage in sexual intercourse is prevented or hamper by stress.. Brain generate the hormones or stimulate for sex but due to stress and anxiety the stimulateds are hijack by the Stress . .

There is a complex or intricate relation in brain and stomach that now scientists reveal and so due to stress the person  start getting constipation , naresa , and pain in stomach etc. ..

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