Why is the mobile data so expensive ?

In 21 century ,it's not very surprised that people using Internet.But so many people have this question that why the Mobile Data is So Expensive then Broadband Internet Service. And so many people know that the most common Difference in both is that Broadband Internet Service can be used at particular place while The Mobile Data can used any where..And We say in one word wired or wireless Differ ..
Now Reason For Mobile Data is so Expensive 

* Due to wireless ,the mobile data is.. so expensive because The company required high expense on Tower and These tower required upgradation per year which is so expensive around 100-1000 crore ..
Also see : Power of Paper, it can cut wood. .
*Broadband is best but it is wired so it cheaper then any other Internet Data .
Because it required one time expense..
So The company not required much money on these ..And no upgradation is required . 
Also see : Ant like dna drive can store 10000 GB,

The broadband plan are there . .
450 - 4 mbps unlimited plan
1299 - 50 mbps unlimited plan etc..
Where on mobile the data plan is 
200 - 2 GB data 
400 - 4.5 GB data etc....
That is reason ...come again and again on "Arightguide"