Scientists found DNA DRIVE for data storage

 DNA stands for Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid And dna is first discovered by Friedrich misescher in 1869. Today DNA is repurposed to used as Greatest Storage Device. The dna is become the epicentre of all scientists or owner of companies like google, microsoft , facebook etc .they all start using Dna as stroage Device .
            DNA data storage

Bill Gates said that 
DNA is that program which is much more complex then software creation to understand and we are trying it.
"The Data of Whole World can store in only 1 kg  DNA."

Nick goldmen created the one dna storage device which is of one gram And it storage capacity is 1petabytes.
 "1 Gm DNA = 1000000000000000 GB "
If Human unwrap it's Whole Cell DNA then they can reach 6000 times on moon or 600 times on sun. 
Now all great or millionaire or billionaire are working on it and try to create Natural medium storage ..
The process to save in this natural medium storage device is first select what you want to store then it will interpret by computer in dna Base A,C,T And G then it is stored in dna and for get back it decode it and convert in 1 and 0 binary language by computer and then we can play or use it. It Means That Now the generation of pendrive or sd card etc will also vanish . slowly we started our journey from hard disk or floppy disk which are 2-3 kg and Have potential to store only 2 to 8 GB then come erase size pendrive which have potential to store 64 to 128 GB but now the Dnadrive data storage device that is like Ant but can store 10000 GB .   "Size decrease And the power of stroage  increase"