How to Apply for Master card and Why it Good Way ?

what is master card??  

In reality . ..master  card  is  card by which we can easily transfer money or get money from other countries . 

Now, which is best place to apply for master card is our next question...
For that answer the best place to apply for master card is 

Why only ??

Because, the reason is that the 
payoneer provide us master card totally free and it also provide us opportunity to earn money by refer id.. (per person 25$) and if you apply from refer id then it also provide you 25$ ( condition : after 100$ deposit in account) .
Second reason, that is it send our master card at our house totally free of cost with in 20 to 30 days.

Now process for apply...

Step 1 . go to (by refer link  you will earn 25$ or directly visit not provide you 25$).

Step 2 .  then fill you whole details in "application for master card".

Step 3. name,address  , mobile ,  pan card details etc.

Step 4. check email that will come in your Gmail or yahoo what ever you use ...and then confirm it by click link  of mail.

Step 5. now close your account and wait for master card around 10 to 20 days ..or with in 6-7 days you get mail of password , cvv etc detail from payoneer.

Step 6. after coming master card, open your account of payoneer and then you will see activate button. click on it for activated you master card. (this way it is secure)

Now enjoy you master card . .thank..