How to Care and Safety Your Eyes ?

Now a days due TV, computers , video games , etc...the eye get highly affected and due that our brain also start paining or we feel very weak in ourself so ..for treat your eyes or for make your vision correction there are solid ways of ayurveda that you may not know.

●Use ghee to massage your eyes . .if you have high fault in vision then use this regularly.

●Wash your eyes thrice in a day . .it gives you high relief .

●Take cumin (jira) powder with milk and sugar by this if your eyes have swelling then it became less slowly.

●Not read long time at one place or not watch tv dark and prevent your eyes from high amount of light.

●Take liquid of dhanaa and put in your eye just two one-two drop.

●Use cucumber piece which are taken from your freeze and put on your eye you get high relief .