How to Get out stone from kidney ? Natural way.

Many people got kidney stone disease and they get high pain from this disease,my father and uncle both get this disease but the ayurvedic treatment cure them fully now they had no pain and no problem in sitting , walking and now a days this disease is become serious in each and every place. There best ayurvedic home remedies for all.

  • Drink coconut liquid with lemon liquid , daily your stone of kidney will totally vanish.
  • Use lemon liquid with sadha salt and in several days the stone will slowly gridded and passout through urine.
  • Drink 100 gram moghari (beetle) liquid daily with empty stomach.
  • Take (ajavain)celery to eat and drink pure water on it . get releif from kidney stone.
  • Drink bitter gourd(karela)liquid with   butter milk (chhachha)you will get much releif from that kidney stone.