How Get Relief from Constipation with a week ?

Constipation (kabj) is the serious problem that is disturb our body and we feel abnormal and we have no wish to eat food and due this go hard stool and after stomach exert high pressure which give high pain some time. To get constipation releif there are ayurvedic home remedies . .

●Use regularly eat food on right time.
● The most useful way to get releif from constipation, Is cucumber juice.
●Drink daily hot water at time of sunrising with empty stomach.
●Take juice of half lemon with cold water or may be with hot water daily at morning and evening . ..
●Eat six date by wetting them around 4 hour and drink them by crushing them ...due that the constipation is Totally vanish.
●After one hour of taking a meal use to eat little Harad by crewing it fully due that the constipation is reduced and the power of digestion increase..
●Make a powder of pepal,jira (cumin), common salt,black chilli , in equal measure amount . .by eating that powder after 20 mintues of meal .it gives you high relief . . .
●With hot milk or little hot water take little amount of  sof...