How make Your Skin brighter ? Natural way..

At the age of 16-18 the pimples are started to coming on our Face and we feel some ugly that "I not look cool" or "how I make acne control" for that many books suggest that ayurvedic treatment is best below are all ayurvedic remedies after reading them you decide which is easy to you.

For the first
● Take blackberry kernel (pip) and then rubbing it with little amount of water and then put on pimples or acne.

●Take nutmeg and rubbing it with milk cream and put on pimples  (acne)..and then pimples will eradicate in 2-3 days.

●wash your face with butter milk daily the pimples will varnish and face become more beautiful.

●use orange peel juice with water to put on pimples or acne . you will get much releif .

●Take unripe Arecanut and rubbing it in little amount of water and then apply on pimples or acne.

●Drink coconut juice daily and get high relief in your pimples or acne .

●Use papaya peel paste and use it for massage your pimples or acne and after ten to fifteen minutes wash it by little hot water and after some days  Your face start glowing much then before.