What is Web Hosting? Domain ? Understand it with very funny Instance.

(Aniket/Arightguide) There are more mobile devices connect to internet than the no. of Human being living on earth.

Web Hosting is Business of providing storage space for websites. The company or individual who want to Host their website needs their own server, which is too costly. That's why there are many Hosting company cones in power. They provide you space for your website to serve on internet.

Domain is just like phone number. It is unique. Computers communicate each other by number called IP address. As you use specific phone number to call specific person same as computer use IP address to get information from particular Domain. Domain and web Hosting plays vital role in every business online. 

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Without web Hosting, Your work or Business remain as unpublished Treasury Book that No one can get access to. Web Hosting is nothing more than space in itself. But web hosting services in world, furnish us proper use of that space by installing framework application or Cms, wordpress, magneto, blog etc. Fantastico. In simple words , web Hosting is type of Internet services that allow your website accessible through world wide web (www.)

How web server works ?

The web visitors who are using browser to search for content, sends request to web server. The web server receive that request and response it to your browser. Then browser will show you that content to you. As like your reading Arightguide. This whole process completed in less 2 seconds. If loading times take more than it then server is not working well.

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Many type of web Hosting are available. You may be heard about some of those, No !! Then take a look in brief.
  • Shared Hosting : In this Hosting, there is only one server which provide space for many websites as like your website. Reseller and Hosting companies often sell shared web hosting to their clients. It is for small businesses or new website. It's monthly expense is around 2.54$ to 3.35$.
  • Dedicated Hosting: The particular server for only one site. When you experience high traffic or efficiently frequent downtime for your website and more space. It is the best option for your Hosting. It is quite expensive around  119$ to 150$ per month. 
  • VPS Hosting : It is for business looks beyond shared hosting. But it provides virtual server for user for root access to their server or secured environment. It is more expensive than shared Hosting. It's cost vary from 29$ to 65$ per month.
Shared Hosting is much like apartment while Dedicated Hosting is like your own big House. But VPS Hosting is intermediate services or filling gap between both server. It is basically like a town house. VPS Hosting is the combo of Both Hosting services.

Now you got it very well tat what is web Hosting ? What is Domain? And types of Hosting ? We can also call them brothers. Elder one is Dedicated then followed by VPS and shared hosting.

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