Why are Dots at the edges of Newspapers? Are You Ever think !!

Why Dots at the edges of newspaper ? To check the printing is OK or not ..

Have you Ever notice those four colour Dots or bar at edges of newspapers. I think so... Yes !! Are you know why it is for ?? You will definitely say No..!!

The Dots or bars of color are also printed on the sheets of books but Dots or bar of colour are cut-off during the binding process. That's why they are not found in books.

The Dots have CMYK colors, which represent  ( cyan, magenta, yellow and black ). The Dots are called ''Registration marks " to ensure that print is aligned properly.
Modern printer, Use these Dots to check out that printing is crispy, sharp and proper. When sheet is passed through printing press, it cannot detect whether printing is accurate or not because of multi- colors used in newspaper. If the Dots are properly printed then it mean printing is proper. But if any of them Dot is missing then printing is not working properly. That's why the modern printing technology uses Dots at Edges of the Newspaper.
That shit !!

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