How to check and install Bluetooth in windows and mac ox ?

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Vice versa way to check and install Bluetooth./Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is wireless technology to connect nearby device for sharing data from one to another. Mostly, In newer laptops and pc their is Bluetooth pre-installed. But if you are using old version or desktop then How you can check it that it has Bluetooth or not ? So for that we have several steps.

In windows their is a "Device manager'' which contain all the data about hardwares of computer. So let first discover the "Device manager''.
In windows XP it's quite irritating to find device manager, so let select start menu then click right click on my computer and select properties then hardware tab and then select device manger button.

In windows 8/7/vista search for device manger in search box. We recently found that people are running too crazily in online so to remain secure on online world you should know it.

Now after getting in in device manager check Is their any Bluetooth symbol on that screen if yes then Bluetooth is installed in your device and activated.

If you found Bluetooth no where then Bluetooth hardware is not installed in your pc. So for install it, you have to buy Bluetooth USB dongle from amazon or by market retailers or from anywhere .

The process of installation is simple, just use auxiliary USB slot to plugging dongle.

Their is same process for Mac users. First click on apple menu then "about this mac'' then you will got the "more info" button that took you to new window where all software, hardware and network protocol installed on your mac computer will be listed. Check whole list proper by expand it that is their Bluetooth or not ?
If not then install Bluetooth hardware to your mac by using Bluetooth USB dongle that we earlier said you in windows process.

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