How to become a HACKER ? What you should know before jumped in Hacking

Hacker use Linux.find out vernulbility.programming needed

Hacker is the well-skilled computer expert or technically clever programmer who can access any unauthorised data by using his/her computer. When you heard the word "hacker"; At first, your brain figure out that it's a illegal or criminal work. It's not totally true. Let's take a instance, suppose two lawyer takes their education from same college but one use it to save the life's of the inculpable. Another, Use it to save himself from laws for did illegal works such as smuggling, trafficking, drugs, guns etc ..

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That's the difference their found in Hacking career also. Black and white hats are two types of hacker. Hackers who use bugs and exploits to break the computer system.
White hat hacker work under legal ways and a good guy. They found out the vulnerability of systems and makes the Internet more safer place. While black hat hacker use to illegal work such as steal out private data from gaint agencies, money etc...Grey hat hacker are neither good nor bad. They just hack for fun and troll. But they usually belong to black hat.

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''Hacker are those people who are passionate about computers and work with other hackers to forward computer innovation." - Eric raymond [ Author of New Hacker's  dictionary ]

Be a hacker, you must have good grip on programming. There are hundreds of programming language to learn such as java, php, python, ruby, css , javascript, c ,c++ , perl etc... but what for you are perl , c , python.

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You also need to learn Linux, to get inner web access from your computer. Linux is operating system used by 99.6% web server computer in world. You can get Linux from internet or also try out the bunch of Linux flavour (versions). Both Linux and Windows can run on same computer. Without using the UNIX based operating system. You can never become a hacker.

Besides Linux, there are many Unix-based operating system are available such as BSD system. Linux is best for windows. But for apples mac osx have unix-based operating system called Darwin thar is released by Apple in 2000.

In bold, Linux and BSD are different to each other. Linux is a kernel while BSD is kernel and complete operating system both.

Adopt the attitude like hackers. Some tips to get into Hacking strongly. You must have creative thinking. Learn martial arts that will help your brain, relaxed the body, discipline. Most effective martial art that is recommended by professional hackers is Tai Chi.

To practice more and more try your skills with open source projects to find out vernulbility and learn yourself much better. Open source projects include a Web browser Firefox; blogging platform wordpress and previous mention linux operating system.

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