How to Switch from Android to iphone or Vice versa ?

Switch android to iphone and vice versa. It's not too hard 

Overuse of anything will definitely make to change that thing. It's true. But it hard to made change. As like child to man or iPhone to Android and vice versa. We are using the painless way to transfer from iPhone to Android and vice versa.

People mostly think to transfer but get stick will problem that they might lost these features that they get on current phone. 

So Don't stick problem but just solve it. Google pixel phone running on latest android version is getting issue while transfer but Samsang s8 which is also run on latest android os get no issue. It's all due google and apple ecosystem is different. 
Switch from Android to iphone 

Suppose you have samsang j2 and you want to check out latest iPhone. So for first download " Move to ios app". Then open Your iPhone, Run setup process until you get 'app and data screen'.


Select "Move data from Android" and then continue. iphone pop a series number of six or ten digit. Then open Move to ios app in android and put that series code in it. It will automatically connected with iPhone.

Then android ask you to what data you want transfer contact, photo, video etc. Select it then tap next. That shit !

Switch from iphone to Android 

Their are two ways to transfer iphone to Android. So first open your iPhone and download google drive and create backup in Google drive. Then take you lovely new Android and run setup process until you get page asking you " Copy Your Data" and "Start up as new".

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If you select start up as new, it will take you to Gmail account to log in. Then it will automatically download your back up. By this way you cannot able to get app, you will only get gallery, contact and calendar etc from iphone.

And by selecting " copy your data". You first need to connect both iphone and android by USB 2 USB or by using adapter cables.

Then android ask you that 'Are you trust on device" tap trust. After it , it will take you to log in to Gmail account then say copy, So tap Copy.

It will find app if available on android then download them automatically and get all photos, contact etc detail from iphone to Android. That shit!

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