World's Fattest man, going under knife for surgery in Mexico..

The photo that You seeing is the photo of world's fattest man, named juan pedro franco. He has weight approx. 1300 pound ( 590 - 600 kg )...
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Img: afp agency
He is not the obese (fattest) man in History there are many name before him from 1800 C . Some are :
  • Jon Brower ( 1400 p ) , USA ..
  • Khalid bin Mohsen shaari ( 1345 p) .. UAE
  • Manuel uribe ( 1316 p) , Mexico  etc...

He took for gastric surgery at nearest hospital by his permission. He is the man who from More than half decade not walk, only remain on bed.
He want to reduce weight to half so he can walk and run again. Doctor warn him " It is not to easy to recover but we still trying, and juan own is responsible for all surgery".  

The first surgery on Tuesday complete successful, Now the second surgery will taken in November, in which his stomach will made to be half weight.
He is a good singer, violin player and His will is to sing again play again. Enjoy the life..

Recently from few Years the obesity spreading too in Mexico, around 70 % people get this Disease..
Manual uribe who is Hold the world record for World Heaviest man dead in 2014.

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