The waxworm caterpillar can eat tons of plastic, How it is..

Federica Bertocchini is a scientists who work at spain's IBBTEC institute. She loves to beekeeping in free time because this is her hobby. One day when she cleaning Hives,
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Img: Waxworm eating plastic bags with in 40 min.(Arightguide)
she found that waxworm is infested Bee Hives. For beekeepers the waxworm are the damn because they destroy the Hives that are made by bees for keep alive. so..
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She took out the waxworm from hives and then pack it in plastic bag. After cleaning when she look at plastic bag again, she found that waxworm eat up the plastic bag and sit outside..

It's not first time, many other insects and fungi are discover by scientists that can Eat the plastic.
  • In year 2016, scientists of Japan discover some unknown bacteria that can Eat Polyethylene terephthalate ( PET ).
  • In year 2014, Chinese scientists found out the most common bacteria from the guts of indian mealmoths, type of waxworm.
  • But all these bacteria and fungi that are found are works very slow. they can degrade only little amount with in weeks.
  • The waxworm is much faster then all because it can degrade bunch of polyethene with in 40 - 50 min.
You will think "It is great way to eradicate our planet, mountains of plastic waste and easily save our earth"..

So for that scientists say that "it is not the magical solution for plastic waste management."  
Because As you eat, you made out excreta, As same way they are releasing toxin and small fragrant and Microplastic that will much dangerous for environment or our health...

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