5 hilarious comic strips about How manufacturer see us..

In whole world, there are many creative peoples, but many times it experience that they are even also have no idea about that How the Normal person look like ? That's why they made such a stupid designs and imagination...
Let's Explore . .these

In above the picture, you can see that, what stupidly the manufacturer think about the shoes. Even though, he know that his first finger of foot is bigger..
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This is How the manufacturer make the burger in level that make to fit in mouth.
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After look at pic, You will think what the manufacturer did, Are they only fulfilling their will ? because they didn't leave a gap between seats..Ha ha ...
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This is only possible, when our Hands get abnormaly long and we can cover blanket by cover. That's how manufacturer think..
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This made by artist way, It really get problematic when type on smartphone so How the finger look like..

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