7 Abnormal woman You won't believe Actually Exist ! Human barbie ..

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You wouldn't believe that there are some woman's  that will made you shock at first moment. You will think how it is possible? But this the miracle by nature. In reality, No one actually understand a nature....so 
Let's Explore these women's with us...
Img : By Aniket jain 
The women at the first (1) in pic is the World Smallest women " jyoti amge" from Nagpur, mh. India.
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  • Born in 1993.
  • Height = 63 cm
  • This is due to dwarfism called achondro plasia.
  • She is actress.
  • Smallest height in world by geniuses world record.
At the second (2) place in Image there is a world tallest girl, Elisang da silva, Brazil. she borns in 1995 and have height 2.06 M. ( 6 ft 9 inches ). she married with his boyfriend whose height is 5 ft 6 inches.
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The third (3) pic is of valeria Lukyanova who is famous as Human barbie.
  • There are many girls who look like barbie but she has a natural look that looks like a barbie.
  •  she born in Tiraspol,Russia.
  • She is teacher at school out of body travel.
  • Some people don't believe it is natural. so she said in reply that her beast are only implant, Except that her whole body is natural that she get by gym workout.
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The women at (4) is a German women named Michelle kobke who has the shortest waist 16 inches due to wearing corset regularly for 3 years and she have a dream to get 15 inches waist.
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At the (5) women named Venus palermo aka Venus angelic , she is famous for her living barbie look. she did this by her own make up and has youtube channel for makeup tutorials . She goes viral in 2012 by her video of barbie makeup.

At (6) the old women named Misao okawa she is of 18th century and live still in 2015. She only sleep or eat And say secret as relax The one French women is 122 year old. but now at 1 may 2015 she dead.
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No. (7) is the women named Mandy sallers she is really abnormal women, from the birth she has her legs weight that caused by genes mutation or distraction.

  • Born in 1975,LancashireUnited Kingdom
  • In 2009 her legs weight is 98 kg where there upper body's weight is only 38 kg.
  • She is too much frustrate by this dangerous disease so ..
  • She amutate her legs in 2010.
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