6 plant to Fix your summer cool and save money on electricity bill.

Summer is going on. The summer makes your home full toxins or overheated it.You get too frustrating that you get angry with in seconds. It makes your electricity bill sudden increment. For it's solution plant one of the plant in your home that will remove all toxin from air, spread positivity.
Let's Explore these with us..
■ Ficus tree
This tree love to soak the bright lights or Shining. It's works as air filter for your home and make it cool and nice. so plant it for yourself and family to soak the sunlight comes over your home. This will make you to :
●save money.
●save trees.
●Get more respect in society.
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Aloe vera
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The aloe vera is most usesful plant for each and every purpose:
● Filter out the toxicity of air..
● Get releif from heartburn
● Help in beauty.
● Make lower your sugar.
● Natural laxative foe constipation.
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Areca palm tree 
These plants should be their around you in the summer makes your feel like paradise.
They are humidifier and filtering out the whole toxicity of home and spread the positivity in your nature.
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Golden pothos plant 
This is fantastic plant because it don't need much care. it grow it's own very fastly and have potential to clean the multiple toxic substance from air like Beneze, carbon monoxide etc. Take this plant and leave it in all the rooms of house because it makes temperature down from inside.
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■ snake plant
Snake,plant,tree,nature,snake plant,Arightguide,health,tips,tricks
The snake plant is really the indoor plant that you need to take in your bedroom. It not need much water. Snake plant improve our mental health by purifying the air and decreasing the Stress ,depression or tension. it makes our mind lighter. You will get the better sleep with this plant.
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Boston fern
This plant help you to air filter, addition with this it also used to decorate our home. This is safe for pets also, it's not a toxic.
Then why you pay for Air conditioner, if the plants can did your work in free?
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