4 Incredible invention that you might think even exist.

Now the science grows up to much,that there are some very fantastic inventions that you might think Even Exist..
Let's Explore them out..
1. Cosmo - The robot cosmo is the only robot in history that behave well with each and every situation like man. As you can see in image that cosmo is showing the scare of depth from the height. It's obey all the Instruction that's the primary function.
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2. Soloshot - Can you imagine that you get free cameraman. Now your dream will become to be true because this the camera that will track you even a single minute. This is third generation robot camera man which do Auto - filming, editing,sharing or live-streaming .That's for youtubers.
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3. It's the Gallium. Used as semiconductor in electronic gadgets.Used in laser or blue ray player.Are you know ? that mirrors are also made by Gallium.The layer of Gallium is put on glass to make these mirrors. Magician use it for magic because it melt in hot tea or water and get at bottom so sayd that spoon disappear.
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4. Smart glass - This is most lovely and incredible Invention. This is smart glass. It work by ear or transmit vibrantion. You need only touch the glass and setting with app then you can visualize notification in front of you or navigate your way.
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It will ask you for rest when you do more and more work,it can check your sweat and how much calories you burn? for check time double tap to your glass edges...much more features..
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