India 3th worstly affected country by wannacry, over 50,000 pc Hack. How to safe?

The wannacry ransomware virus is spreading too fast in whole world. Over 150 countries are targeted by this virus. It's a serious cyberattack that start on 12 may 2017 and to dangerous...

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Img: Cyberattack by wannacry ransomware virus 

Let's Explore all about ransomware virus..
How it attack ? 
It's a virus and still no one knows who is behind it. It attack by email (phishing attack). When you open the email it get activate in your computer, and Encrypted it totally...
"Over 300,000 pcs victimised and from them around 50,000 were from india." said India cyber security.

Wannacry, ransomware,virus,attack,cyberattack,hacking,news,phishing attack,email,safty,us,bbc,chain,mashable,Gizmodo
Img: Wannacry attach screen.

After the activation of wannacry ransomware, the screen became like above you see. They Encrypted your pc and told you to pay to unlock it again without losing data. They cost 300$ to 700$ in bitcoins (digital currency).
According pune based companies, over 60% wannacry virus attempts to infiltrate in enterprise systems and online companies, organisation and 40% on people who are security vendors.

CNET reports: "Android are safe from this wannacry but they require to update there software now !"

Most of attack done on windows xp or old versions, many banks are infiltrate by this virus because they have to use old version and still not update and not have antivirus etc . .these all are there mistake Due which it all happen with them. There are some way to safe yourself from wannacry ransomware and aware others.

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