World's cheapest or Without Electricity Cooling Device refrigerator

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Muhammad bah abba is a lecturer in collage in Nigeria.He made the pot in pot refrigerator which help All African people to preserve the perishable.
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As you know that country like Nigeria has too many illeratre and unaware person. They are also poor too much , and this poverty prevent to take such granted thing like refrigerator which consume high cost electricity.

But Muhammad bah abba made pot in pot refrigerator which has to pot , first pot is bigger than another and they settled as seen image below ..then filled sand between them and make it wet by pouring water....
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And you can put perishable in inner pot and then cover them by wet cloth...

The pot in pot refrigerator is able to cool the material as much as 40°F ...
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This is great ,incredible , unbelievable invention that just complete in 4$ (250 Rs) ..
And helpful for all Africans . .
"Necessary is mother of invetion"

After that when he get complete his pot in pot refrigerator. He hire people by invest his own money and made 5000 pot refrigerator And sell out to all village of Auyakawa.
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Then He made 7000 and spend them to whole rural and needed place like jiwara , Cameroon,Chad etc..

He also hailed by Times magazine and warm honour as best invetion of year 2001.
He made 100,000 earthware pot refrigerator and distributed them in all rural area of Nigeria.

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