What's your sleeping position say about your personality.

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Are you know ? your sleeping position say about you too much,there are some personality that we can predict on the bases of your sleeping position so...
Let's Explore...
1. If you have soldier sleep then you are the man who is pedantic and strict toward work. you will have only one goal in life and you always effort for achieve that.you demand much from yourself..

2. If you have fetal sleep then you are from them who need to be protected, sympathy, those all the things that child need.By curling , you try to run away yourself from all those problems that in real world every should face. You have potential to paint a art , dance and writing a books or blogs.

3. If you are stomach sleeper then you are a leader.You are not the fan of surprises.you are potential to take the decision and achieve the great success on your life.

4. If you sleep like sticking knees and hands up then you are the person who has no much scare about future,you enjoy every second of life. you even smile in the trouble moment of life...that is great personality for live happier life..
5. If you are back sleeper then you love work too much and can do that persistently without getting bored or love your own company.You are the positive attitude man.
You like only true and no long hide the true.
Person who sleep in this position have great personality.

If you have Combo sleeper means you sleep in more than one position then you have multi-personality...to do any thing and that's the great thing..
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