The most unknown uses of Vaseline that you must know..

There are many uses of Vaseline that millions of people don't know do today on Arightguide we will discuss some of them..
So Let's explore . ..

● Remove lices from Hairs....
Apply the Vaseline on scalp so it will start working ..and then after 1-2 hour wash the hairs one -two times the lices get out from hairs...

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● Prevent your skin from dyes ..
Before you applies Dye on your hairs apply Vaseline on scalp so the scalp will we protected from effects on skin....

 ● make any style ...
Using some amount of Vaseline you can style you hair it not dangerous . Use to styling the hairs  ..
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Healing the wounds of skin..
Apply vasline on wounds so they get heal up faster ...but Notice : clean first this wound , if you applied it with dirt ye bacteria get rising and it will take to much time to heal . ..
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persistent scent or smell ...
Apply the vasline on skin before applying the perfumes so the sweat get absorb and perfume fragrance will persist longer...

Remove strain of lipstick..
The strain of lipstick can be removed from clothes by applying again and again Vaseline and wash it again and again..

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Furniture shine 
Apply it on furniture and get rid from dust and shine furniture . ..


Eyes care ..
Before using eye shadows apply Vaseline on them so due petroleum jelly the eye will get safe ..this is also used by many doctor before eyes treatment . ..

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Ears care ...
Apply Vaseline on cotton and use it as ear plugs .  it is safer and more relevant . .


Make Shining...
Apply Vaseline on any lather thing to shine them . ...this is usually thing that you love shine you shoes ,coat ,jacket. etc...

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