Real example of Great Indian army that How merciful they are on enemies.

The omar Abdullah tweet of kashmiri jeep video

Just two days before on 14 April. The kashmiri jeep video is going viral and The Misconcept is spreading by omar Abdullah that indian army behave like hell with that man.
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Let's explore The truth ..!!
What really happen their?? .. The day is the last day of voting and the army with some police and Evm member in total 25 people going to submit the voting documents etc. ..
Suddenly , Around 1200 stone thrower appear and start throwing stones so ...
Their present 5 to 10 Army show there intelligence and caught one man out of these stone thrower and tied him at front of jeep so ..other stone thrower stop throwing stone ..and they all came out from their without and bloodshed....
That's the story that prove that Indian army really merciful on their enemies also...and taught the great lesson,That "with your brain any one get out from any situation"

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