Now no more global warming , scientist discover the solution..

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Are you know ? The global warming is the biggest problem that is now in front of Whole planet. But On October 2016, scientists accidentally find out the method of converting Carbon dioxide to Ethanol.
Whoop ! This is the unexpected result.

How it is Happen ? 
You may heard that "whatever is going on is for all good". That is true , On October 2016 when some scientists working at oat ridge national laboratory in tennessee tried to convert Carbon dioxide to Methane. But instead of it they discover Ethanol, renewable fuel. That really a great news to whole Earth. The method is not to much complex and it cheaper and scalable.
The scientists didn't think that on the catalyst they are working can yield the Ethanol by using carbon dioxide by its own.
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Really the big deal with planet
Now if we can Convert Carbon dioxide to Ethanol that renewable fuel it became the plus point for planet because it will help us to decrease in Global warming.
This is really outstanding that by bad stuff we can made renewable energy which cheap, it like a dream that become true,is it?

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