Learn Anything By Feynman Techniques And Get 10X Faster Brain...

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Each and every want to learn More and more but problem is their that I didn't Understand . .How I get the learning ..increase . .so..Let's explore . .

■ The Scientists Named Richard Feynman Give the Great technique for that to learn More Faster and easily ....
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■ Feynman is the nobel prize winner in 1965...because He use to help all the physicists in solving the problem by his technique...
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■ He is Known As the "Great explainer" of his time  ..Because of that techniques . ..

■ What are these techniques ? ?
● first, When he was questioned by his friend goodstein.He is not able to answer it..then He try many time to answer . .Then He discover ..the trick. .
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■ Alway make Notebook  ..First read out whole contain then try to write down it in notebook...then find out where you get fail...And Everytime when you discover New thing write down it in Notebook...

Pretend Like you are teacher and teaching the topic others ...and see that you are able teach it easily ..
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Read Again If you stuck to Explain..
It obvious to find the topic that you are not understand because you will not able to explain easily ...

■Repeat process again and again and simplify your language ..and Analogies for strength you understanding . ...
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■ other way that is using today is "visualisation "...or story making 
for example : There is list of some that you want to memorise  ..
Bottle , bag , Bike , Elephant , Forest , juice ,boy etc..
Now simply way is to analyse the scene  ..that there is bottle in bag filled with juice And The boy take the bag and ride on bike  suddenly forest start and He saw elephant and afraid and start riding faster ..
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