If you delete these folders ; then you computer will destroyed totally..

Don't touch these files,folder,hidden secret,

There are some files and folders in pc or laptop that are Hidden . They are required for working pc. As our body have required
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The folder Name program files or program x86 files. These folders have all the software or drives that you have in pc and have large size like 3-4 GB. So when you see these folder you think to delete them to make the space free and many of you. I guess absolutely delete it...
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This cause the great damage to pc And due to that all  software or drives are stop working ...causing hang etc.. so Don't touch it ....and if you delete it ..then solution is simple install new windows or Mac or whatever your os.
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Another files are the page file , these files are found in those pc or laptop in which there are less then 8GB ram ..The are also called temporary ram...so Don't touch it . ..
If you delete it then, your computer work slow . .
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Another very important folder is system32 , we also told this as the base if window.. because it has all inbuilt software like ms paint ,calculator etc.. if you delete it ..it mean you deleted a windows . ..but now it hard to delete it ..but not impossible . ..so please don't touch these file ..
Or all hidden file in C drive is very important so Don't touch these files if you are not much knowledge about it ....
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