10 Bad Habits That Make Your Gadgets Slower.

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There are many mistakes that majority of people committed and make there gadgets slower, from them Arightguide are discussing complication of indispensable mistakes or bad habit that you have.. so ..
Let's explore . ....
Charging the battery , Keep in mind that you should charge your mobile before it goes below then 20%,not wait to drop to 0%. And another important thing that never charge your mobile fully 100%..
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● It is the recommended by battery university that at least with in 3 month discharge your gadgets upto 0% or charge your gadgets 100%...to get rid of extremes of fully charge/discharge.

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Never buy the local charger because Now gadgets are using li-ion battery or li-polymer battery which get overheated if they are charging more than 100%..but companies charger Have inbuilt controller that stop overcharging when you forget to unplug charger,That's why Never buy local because they not have inbuilt controller...
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● Use the Temperature Cooler that you can see in below image ..
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●Don't put your laptop on bed or other place were the ventilation of air stop and cause the overheating. .because over heating is the worst enemy of lithium-ion batteries..
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●Prevent the gadgets like computer or laptops from direct sunlight it cause the damage if hardware  ..or body of gadgets . .
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when the voltage fluctuation occur you should required to stop working with gadgets and unplug all the wire ..or if in you are living in such a area where voltage fluctuation is common then recommended thing is that must buy before buying any gadgets Uninterruptible Power Supply device
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● Clean all devices once in year,because the dust and debris cause the system slow down . ..

● Don't use the window cleaning liquid to clean the screen of monitor ,  because it damage the screen of monitor due to it's contain ammonia in liquid . ..

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