Make sensor TV , sensors car, sensors toy etc great electronic projects!!

You know very perfectly That all the student and teenagers have the aim that they will do some thing new like create system that own by my voice only or when the Tv on , The blue light on automatically, Making  magic mirror that will talk with you , making project that will sense the rain and actuator off the fan,you also thing to make the toy car that run by clapping many things That you think but cannot available to do.
But, Now This Dream of you will becaming true because there is Arduino , That is open source software or hardware which is used for you to make your dream in reality .
What is Arduino ??
Arduino is open source software or hardware company,project that make the small size device of various series of name
Arduino. We also call it embedded single board computer or single board pc, Arduino make the kit of microcontroller and The whole kit is available on amazon ...
Buy Arduino : Rs 400 - 500

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How does it work ??
It works simply , if you know programming language java , C, C++ then you can program your program. There is USB connector from where you can connect computer and the blink screen came , In which you will create  Your Program Whatever to instruct your device. And if you not programming much then find code from website or more.
It's work with sensors and actuators. The sensors sense whatever you instruct to sense and then actuators work as you pre loaded in the program .
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