Are you can Control Your Smartphone By Your Eyes?

Technology is evolving day to day. we all have a smartphone now a days. But you ever think that How the person who is Paralysis or Handicap ,whose body is Totally freeze are use the Tabs or Mobile Phone etc...

So,when I think this Question on....I find the trick and tip that By which we can Control our phone by Eyes.

For that You First Required the App ..
Eva Facial Mouse created by Vodafone.
Download it from play store or apple store. Then open the application and then Enable the Eva mouse Button And also allow all permission.

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How this app work??
This works with Front camera or we sweetly say selfie camera.which detect our eyes.when we Focus on particular app or option it will show you option that are click  and other is exit.You again focus on button.If you focus click it will open that file or app what ever is it or if you will focus on exit it will remain on that screen where you are Right Now.

Till Now it's has some default On which company working now.

Note : some mobile phone are not capable to use.

Samsung,Lenovo etc big companies mobile are capable to use this app.
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