India launch 104 Satellite; Just by Using Only One Rocket !

India is name of country,  who  did   impossible thing possible.  Today morning the scientists of india [isro] launch 104 satellite [ mean by  single rocket]   from   shri harikota, A.p, india.

Lets first know about Shri harikota, shri harikota is area in andhrapradesh  in india,where after some kilometres  no  one has permission to go. Or if anyone wants to  go then before 10 to 20 km All the equipment like mobile phone, computer; laptop    ,each  and every device are taken by security  due to security purposes.      

After full checking He or she will allowed to go in that area due to any reason....
In the whole history, This is happen first time by india that with in a day by single rocket they launch 104 satellite successfully.For this great work PM of narendra modi appreciate The scientists of isro at the speech of kannuj  in uttar pradesh of india..
India is only country which  complete the Mar mission with very less expense successfully. .
             "Be proud of our nation" 

The countries like America or Russia also shock and NASA also. Because they are not capable of this much. America can launch 10-15 satellite by a single rocket successfully but india make 104 satellite by single rocket. This  get in surprisedark the whole world. In these satellite there is one cartosat satellite which have that much resoluble camera that it can take the image of car and bike number plate very clearly.  India is only country  in   world   which get success in first attempt to launch satellite for Mars. There is fact about india.

India is great nation which proved impossible thing possible.

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