How to Draw pixelled painting in Google Spreadsheet ?

Let's start our learning . .that how we draw pixel painting in computer .  so for that
Step 1. select image that you want to Create pixelled . .

Step 2. open the google spreadsheet...
Step 3.then Select spreadsheet art.
Step 4.then click on upload image.
Step 5. In spreadsheet then color are written in cell automatically and then select spreadsheet art and then click on apply color..
Step 6.then Select all cell and clear all data written and then also erase gridline . .
Step 6. then color will applied automatically then you see color..but the size of cell are large so adjust it . .by select spreadsheet art and then click on adjust size  then fill cell size ..small around 3-5..
And then see pixel painting that is fantastic . .mind blowing . .