It's a great challenge to spent 1 hour in a quietest room of the world.

Can you imagine the world without sound or deaf for one day..I challenge you that Normal man cannot live in deep silence because if you do so you become insanity and hallucinated
There is the Quietest Room of the world which is Anechoic Chamber in Orfield lab in South Minneapolis in USA.
*"Anechoic chamber means  ( non-reflective,non-echo place,where all the sound absorbed )"
In Guinness world record the name this Quietest room is recorded, And the room has -9.4 decibels that is very deep rate of sound or deep silence state ..there is Record of 45 minutes that anyone can survive And if anyone do so he became mad or insanity or hallucinating..The Guinness book of world record say it quietest place but you think so it's is really a dangerous room of world..
The silence is of this room is soo much that anyone can hear it's stomach digestion sound and beats of heart and all sounds of body. 

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Why this room is silent ??
The reason behind it that I found is that it is Anechoic Chamber so it resist 99.99 of all noise of surrounding and inside or outside noise due it the silence is maintain in this Room..
And if you are in it then outer or inner both noise are resist due that the mind become unconscious and insanity or hallucinating start..