How to increase your Hair or stop falling of hair ?

Hair loss is basic problem for many people and for some it is no matter but who has this they search all day the treatment for that hair loss that is cheap or homely if I am not wrong ? ?

so there are many ayurvedic homely remedies or hair loss solution or how we increase grow of our hair etc. 

Now Hair loss solution for that yourwaiting:
● Take liquorice ,blue lotus root,raisins,kismis and by taking all of them and grinding them to make powder and then mix with oil , ghee  and milk and then apply on Hair regularly after few days we will get awesome results . .

●Use little hot castor oil to massage your hair then see results after few days . .

●use lemon liquid to treat hair by applying it on Hair . .the hair will become clean ..and shine..

●Take gooseberry , black mole , bhragraj and brahmi in equal measure and mix them and make powder and take it after meal daily due that white hair become black ..

●Take 100 gm mole(teel) oil with bunions anxiety mehdi leave 30-30 gm in equal measure  ancient then boil them after that material you get is oil and use this oil in massage of your hair . .this will increase hair in high rate because it work directly in roots of hair . .

●Eat daily grosse berry this is great source for increasing hair , eye vision and many disease  .