How to Download Any paid for free ? Let's do it .

We know that there are many apps on play store or ios or apple store but awesome ios paid app have paid problem that people want that paid app for free so it's an great way to get Great paid apps free ...Now .

Open the that you want to download for eg. we take 3D parallax background (90Rs) but we can get this app free .

For that first go to chrome or any browser and then search  then one box come and click on OK the app start downloading then open the apple store or play store where the app is and then click on share and click on getpack market  then app seen click on get and then u see and then click on that and then one ad come skip that and then u got one site there is download button click on that and download if file is greater then 20MB then long Press on download button then copy link and then use this link in other browser like uc browser and then the downloading will we start ..and u can get your paid app for free like Arcade, Taiwan, angry birds space provided etc..