How get releif from Asthma or Breathing problem ?

Asthma is disease of lung and this is cause by air pollution or due this lung become to weak and before that will happen treatment is necessary . Most of people want the answer of "natural asthma remedy"or "asthma treatment"etc and
 Basic symptom are 
●Wheezing  ●sneezing etc..  

Asthma is the disease of which makes totally hollow our lung and became a great cause of dead ..

Now natural asthma remedy :
●Take the ripe banana and boil little and then peel out and eat with black chilli powder ,then you get releif in your asthma.

●After meal take 1 spoon celery  (ajavain) daily with little hot water  then you feel comfortable .

●Take 2-3 black chilli by grinding it and lick it with sugar..and then you feel comfortable in your breathing.

●Take 2 cardamom,4 chuhare ,15 kismis and grinding them together then baking them on taby and then take 250 gm black chilli and mix them and eat with sugar liquid. your will get high relief in asthma .

●Take turmeric powder with ghee and lick them and drink little hot milk ..and you will get high relief in breadthing problem.

●Eat daily date with little hot water after that  cuff will come in mouth then split it and your breathing will become comfortable for you .