Tha Natural solution of joint pains, To Feel Relief ?

In our day to day life a arthritis(Joint pain) become a serious problem . .early times this  problem is only found in very old people but today it is found also in youngsters and this is due to they whole day play video game , watching TV etc .,not go outside to play ...etc..etc for that there best solution of ayurvedic

☆ Eat celery (ajavain) and jaggery mixing in equal amount after the lunch and dinner daily.

☆ use clove oil to massage your body daily.

☆Take dry ginger powder by mixing sugar powder with hot water and get high relief in your arthritis . .(Joint pain)

☆use dry ginger ,asafoetida,and mustard oil to massage your body daily and get high relief in your arthritis or backbone and in joints.

☆use light hot kerosene to massage your that part of body with is paining.

☆use salt water for bathing or may use sea water for bathing you will get very high releif in your arthritis or joint . .